Quit Playin’ Games with My (H)eart ♥


Oh Backstreet Boys, you fill my heart with the nostalgia that only a boy band could.  Just like card games, pogs, and an interest in questionable subcultures.

Well, true love never dies, and I am combining several of the above aspects (not the pogs, thank goodness) into a new pledge level that I hope you love as much as I do:17629669_268487723594544_1867778918906219039_n.png

Concardia is a competitive, augmented reality card game created by Michael Whitehouse. If you are registered for an event the Concardia Crew is participating in [see: Jeff Mach Events], then you’re registered to play! You can challenge people to a match at any time, and it takes less than a minute to win, lose, or draw. The ultimate goal, however, is to collect cards to win prizes. The Grand Prize is a season pass to Jeff Mach Events for the next year!

This collaboration between myself and Concardia will have exclusive photos from the Chronotography shoots become various Attack, Defend, Trickster, etc cards, filling out a 15 card deck.  The only way to get this deck is to pledge $5 or more to Chronotography.  Interested?  The re-launch drops this April 1!


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