Relaunch in 24-ish Hours!


In just over 24 hours, the relaunch of Chronotography will happen!

You will probably notice that a lot of the goals and prizes will remain the same.  This is not me resubmitting the same thing over and over until it eventually gets funded.  Even I would be annoyed by that!  Instead, I spent some time looking at what rewards were and were not popular and I pulled out the two least popular options.

So if I pulled some Rewards, why are there more Reward options?

Well, that’s simple: the new Rewards that were added are fairly popular in their own corner of the internet, and since you can’t combine Pledges, I’ve made some combination options myself.  This increased the number of overall Pledges and Rewards to choose from.

In the coming weeks, I will highlight some of the Rewards that will be given out during the Kickstarter in the blog as well as any progress in the creation of Chronotography.  I really hope that soon I will be posting actual progress photos instead of mockup samples, like the one below.

In the meanwhile, I am Babs Who Takes Pictures.  Keep on clickin’!



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