Sky-Captain Knighting at the Steampunk World’s Fair


Special Steampunk World’s Fair offer: Be knighted as a Sky-Captain!

sky knighting 4

Be declared a sky-knight in public ceremony by the Mayor of The Steampunk World’s Fair! Be the envy of your peers, the terror of your foes, and be pretty much nothing new to your cat… (Cats are hard to impress.)

sky knighting 3.PNG

Now the Sky Captain Knighting has been happening for a few years, and it’s always been a pretty fun experience.  The Sky Captain gives the Mayor their title of preference, and they are knighted by staff or cane, sword or wand.  Whatever weapon the Mayor happens to have on hand at the moment.


Recently we’ve taken the new Sky Captains to the side to have portraits done, so there is a record of their old Common self and their new, radiant Captainhood.

Ready to leave you old common, Muggle/Mundane life behind?  Buy one of the few remaining tickets and be knighted on Saturday and Sunday at the Steampunk Worlds Fair!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You gotta be dieselpunk to be a Sky Captain.


    1. babswtp says:

      Our Fair skies have enough room for sky captains of all types!


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