94% Funded, 14 Days Remain!

At this moment, I’m very happy to say that my photo and art book, Chronotography, is 94% funded!  With 2 weeks remaining, I’m very confident it will be fully funded, and I will be able to begin the photography for this book.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Steampunk genre, which is the entirety of what this photo book will contain, it is a sub-genre that supposes “what if electricity (as we know it) was not the main form of energy used?  What if the world was steam and æther powered?”  This entire concept changes the way that many things are created, as even the process of creating items has to completely change.

Above is a mock-up of the final book, created with photos from an older steampunk shoot.  These two models, Justinian Stanislaus (Website | Facebook) and Kitty McNiff (Facebook) will be two of many in this book.  The characters in this particular image are Booth and the Imperial Tea Hostess.

“Called Booth.  He is the more militant of the Emperors. Very to the point and wasting no time, although he feels everyone is wasting his. Condescending, cold, and cranky. Booth hates Tobias. The ends justify the means. He has an agenda, but what that is and for what purpose is very unclear. Impatient, stubborn, decisive, the anti-hero.

His necklace is the Scarab. Order. Task oriented. Most view him as an asshole due to his attitude towards others. Has more control of the jumps but still on occasion will jump without warning. Picks a spot and stays there after casing the place to know where all the entrances and exits are. Paranoid. Booth knows of the Five and knows a lot more that he does not care to elaborate on.

Interested in more of the lore behind these members, and the rest of the crew? Keep following the blog or Chronotography (Facebook | Kickstarter) for frequent updates!


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