MISTI-Con – A Harry Potter Event


This past weekend I took some time to myself and enjoyed the nice, long trip to Laconia, NH to go to MISTI-Con, a Harry Potter cosplay event.  This was my first purposeful trip into New Hampshire (I get absurdly lost sometimes) and I fell in love with the scenic trip so much that I was tempted to take another day off just so I could take pictures of my drive!

The event itself was at the Margate Resort, directly on Lake Winnipesaukee.  When I wasn’t busy with my photo-booth, I was admiring the gorgeous view of the water and beach that I had.  Not that I had a lot of time to, what with Thou Who Shall Not Be Named using my studio to induct new members and force old members to re-swear oaths…

MISTI-Con: Coming Home

Hopefully this week when I am more awake, I will be able to write more about this event, but for now…I am fresh from a 400 mile drive, a 9 hour work day, and too little sleep.

In the meanwhile, please take a look at the gallery and drop a comment on your favorite image!  Throughout this week and the next, I will be adding more and more photos in, and tomorrow some of the editing will happen live on Photographing the Imaginary!

Until then, keep on clickin’ 🙂


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