Photographing the Imaginary: Vladimir Snape & Evercrumbly & Witch


If you’re familiar with my photography, then you well know that I love the post processing part.  And at MISTI-Con, I was well able to stretch my imagination by utilizing a seamless black background, some gels, and great models.


This week on my stream Photographing the Imaginary, I was able to show off how to get from a basic two-person shot to something a bit more magical.  This is the first image of four, which will be released throughout the week.

Similar streams and post-stream speed runs will be available for select portions of the Kickstarter book Chronotography.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. phppi says:

    Quite an impressive shot


    1. BabsWTP says:

      Thanks so much phppi 🙂


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