Photographing the Imaginary: Newt Scamander & More

If you’ve seen or read Fantastic Beasts, you know that Newt Scamander is a pleasantly awkward, inquisitive character who is always up for an adventure to rescue “his” animals or those he deems it’s his responsibility to protect.  When working with this image, I wanted to show that Newt was doing something possibly dangerous while remaining somewhat inquisitive.

The previous pose was more guarded, so I instructed the model to look off to the side as though they’ve just seen something amazing.  The model dropped their shoulders a bit and I think got the correct expression for the request.  The spell used isn’t an attack spell (I don’t believe Newt ever actually attacked anyone in the film), but possibly something to stun a creature or be a distraction.

A new episode of Photographing the Imaginary will be live this evening from 7pm EST to 9pm EST, and every Wednesday at  This week I’ll be working on some more pieces from MISTI, as well as talking about the upcoming 4(!!!!) shoots for the Chronotography book this weekend.


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