Behind the Scenes: Leah Siren


I mentioned in last week’s post that I had shot 2 days straight for the book, so today I will talk a little about the previous shoot.

It started out, as all shoots should, with some conferring over the next few hours with Moana playing in the background.  2017 has been strange with the weather, and we were unsure if the rain we were currently experiencing would worsen or go away.

Thankfully, the rain did go away, and we managed to find a beautiful location to shoot.  I don’t know much about the location, other than it was about 40 minutes away from Worcester, MA.

We pulled over after the 40 minutes, and had a brief hike (seemed much longer with the photo gear and heat!) and quickly got set up.  Due to the previous rain and sudden heat, we were lucky enough to have the location exclusively to ourselves for the day.


The location was a perfect setting for the white on off-white dress on loan from Redfield Design – as you can see, there was plenty of opportunity for the dress to be flared out in a well-timed spin to show off the waist and the type of cloth used.


A previously unexpected guest and model of the day was Shiloh, Leah’s rescue pup.  Shiloh was such a beautiful model, and some of the photos will most likely be in the book, the calendar, or both.  003

If you are unfamiliar with Leah Siren’s work (Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr), you can find her on the social links provided above.  Located in Central Massachusetts, Leah is experienced in modeling ranging from beautiful fashion to the creepy and occult, to the downright sexy (you’ll have to search her page for that 😉 )

Please keep in mind, none of the photos shown on the Chronotography blog, unless otherwise stated, are final choices for the book or project.  Images shared are to give an idea of the location and look without ruining the ‘surprise’ of the final product.

Keep on clickin’!

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