Chronotography Shoot: Katie Cat Opera & The Artwork of Brett Kelley

This weekend I will be completing two more shoots for the Chronotography book – both in the same location, but it is a pretty large place, so I should be able to utilize a lot of it.

Model, opera singer, mother, and aerial performer Katie Kat has found a wonderful location for us in Connecticut that has that “wealthy gentleman’s study” feel.  She will be wearing a gorgeous piece by Kristin Costa for her part of the shoot.  

Next up is The Artwork of Brett Kelley (Facebook | Instagram) – illustrator, model, body painter, and actor.  Brett will be wearing an outfit of his own design for the shoot.  This will actually be the second piece he’s designed for a shoot, so when does he get to add “designer” to his resume…?WizardPunk - The Artwork of Brett Kelley (Collaboration)


On a quiet street in Torrington, Connecticut, a forgotten church hides behind soaring trees and lush gardens. It is here that a bit of old Paris has been recreated as Studio 59, a performance gallery and space for the arts. Owner and founder Timothy Alexandre Wallace has transformed this quaint old church into a setting reminiscent of an Eighteenth Century European drawing room, complete with comfortable wing-back and parlor chairs.

I will be bringing the Fujifilm Instacamera for those who have made pledges for behind the scenes photos.  For those overseas, your pieces will come slower than the rest, but we thank you for your patience!

See you next week with the update post!

    • Babs Who Takes Pictures

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