Behind the Scenes: Katie Kat Opera and The Artwork of Brett Kelley


This weekend past, I grabbed two models and set us all up inside of Studio 59 in Torrington, CT.  Studio 59 is a performance gallery inside of a historic church, just minutes from downtown Torrington.

Additionally, Kris Costa came all the way up from New Jersey to do Katie’s hair and makeup, and assisted with some of the decorating of the studio for Katie’s shots.

Both the Art Mercenery and Katie Kat Opera had their single sessions as well as a few dual shots in the Studio.  There are a few images that I am very excited to send out to those who have made pledges earlier in the year!

So far the book is roughly 1/3 shot, and I’m looking to have 3 more sessions this month.  I’m confident that the book will be released on its intended schedule!

Check back soon for the newest updates!

– Babs Who Takes Pictures


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