Chronotography Shoot: The Fordhams and Tiffany Knight

Last week I was finally able to schedule one of my New Jersey shoots, and as a matter of happenstance, I had another  person available.  So I packed off my gear, and took the drive off to New Jersey, where we visited a train station/ferry port for a few hours and then traveled as a group to Sleepy Hollow, NY.

We were…quite a sight for those not indoctrinated to “weirdos,” and my models were dubbed “Punk Rockers from a Victorian Age” by a very interested family.  I can definitely see it.

While shooting, one of the costumes was de-plumed, as the wind ripped the plume from a pirate hat to cast the feathers out to sea.  As much as I enjoyed the lovely hat, it wasn’t enough to hand my camera off to the nearest person and run for it x.x  Hopefully in the community, I can find a way to replace it.

Quite thankfully, Tiffany has as much hair as a mermaid, and the harsh wind actually made everything work nicely.


I was concerned for a while that the weather was going to worsen, or break another item, but thankfully we were able to complete the photography in New Jersey and move on to Sleepy Hollow.  That was not before popping a parasol out in the wrong direction, like a prop from Mary Poppins.  I’m really glad (and a bit fascinated) that it survived and was used for the rest of the day.


In the next few days I will have an update from our time in Sleepy Hollow, as well as the shoot from the next day with a separate set of models and designs.

Until then, keep clickin!

  • Babs Who Takes Pictures

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