Chronotography Shoot: Steam Cat Kimono

On August 20 I did an all-day shoot with Steam Cat Kimono out in Long Island.  Despite what her name implies, she did not have a Kimono for this session since I wanted to remain in the Western-idealized version of steampunk.  Instead, she bust out with two very beautiful looks (and this time the wind did NOT rip a hat apart!)

The first shoot was done in this black outfit at a Nature Preserve, with some very curious employees watching.  Thankfully they enjoyed the look, and even stayed to chat with us a bit!  This shot below is by a pond that is hidden away towards the middle of the park.


The second shoot was done a few hours later at the beach (because I live on an island) and is a bit more of a piratey look while remaining decidedly steampunk.  Some of the photos will be edited to remove the beach-goers, but these will still make an appearance in the book/calendar/print/card sets.


Because I had assistance from CrimsenDraggen, I was able to have behind the scenes video taken, so I could make this piece below. 😀


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