Chronotography Shoot: Dorothy Winterman

For those who don’t know, I’ve been in the New York Steampunk scene since late 2010, early 2011, and one of the first lasting friendships I made was with the beautiful Dorothy Winterman.  This lovely lady has been my big sister through the years, and I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph her wedding in 2013.  I knew that if I ever had my Kickstarter funded, that my sis would have to be in it.

And lucky for me, our schedules matched up and we were able to do a weekend shoot together!  So at the end of August I packed up all of my gear and headed to Upstate NY to capture this wonderful woman.

And what a shoot it was.  If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you missed the (someone dubious) excitement of the wind blowing over my light twice, finally killing the umbrella on the second fall.  Thankfully the XPLOR 600 completely survived, and has not even had a scratch.


The abandoned psych hospital was fully of history that Dorothy told me all about as we spent the afternoon together and explored.  Areas like the below where the stairs had a dubious strength were traversed first by me, because I’d much rather be the one to bleed for the book than the models…haha21077579_824246552050_2601640677983843596_n

Ultimately we used this second location and not the first, since there was a beautiful porch on the second location that was covered in ivy, while I’m sure a serial killer was watching from the windows in the first location.

(Seriously, it was like the beginning of a horror movie).


While there was no Behind the Scenes video taken this time around, I do have a speed run video of the edit to share.  Enjoy!

Next week will be my session with Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esq.


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