The State of Things

Yes, there is progress!

For about two months I had a mad rush of constant work between photo shoots, video editing, and plain ol’ DayJob stuff, so that updating the Kickstarter and accompanying blog has fallen to the wayside.

To answer some incoming questions:

1) How is the book schedule going?

I want to assure backers and followers that the book is on schedule!

Per the original Kickstarter description, shooting is wrapping up early this October.  October has always meant to be the Month of Editing and November is the Printing and Shipping of products to my place just in time for December to be the Month of Giving.  I hope to have some teases out soon as I get some of the pages finished.

2) When will I get my pledge item?

If you have requested anything $20 and under, I anticipate that these items will be sent in mid-November.

Books and calendars should have been printed and sent to my residence by November’s end, so that they can be packaged together and sent to their new homes.

3) What if I want to buy a digital version of the book, or another physical copy of the book?

Once the book is finished, the physical copy will be available in an online store, and in person (from time to time).  The digital copy can be purchased at the same time, and will be delivered digitally (via email or DropBox).

– Babs


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