Playing Catch-Up

Whoo! Where to begin?

The past two months has been so busy with book production and mailing them out in time for the holidays, there was no time to update the blog!


Over 100% funded on Kickstarter, and now 100% available! Buy Chronotography as a high-gloss softcover, image-wrap hardcover, dust-jacket hardcover, or instantly as a PDF!

Not only that, but the limited edition calendars are out and being mailed to backers as well!


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  1. Steve Mann says:

    Hey Babs, can I get an update on Kickstarter progress please?


    1. BabsWTP says:

      Hi Steve! I replied on Kickstarter, but I don’t know what you’ll see first. The backer level you have pledged to has not yet shipped. I will make a public post when these are being sent out.

      Due to the holiday season, at least 1 book had gone missing and several were delayed in their arrival. I wanted to wait until after the confusion to send out the final higher-tier books.


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